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            Ahoy! My name is Michael Bovee. I've been e-fedding for a total of 4 years. Many moons ago in a galaxy far far away I used to spend countless hours writing and rewriting. I can't tell you how many times I have been up till 4 in the morning on a school night doing this. And, now as of late, I have found myself infatuated with this. I can personally think of nothing else I would rather be doing (writing that is) than e-fedding. I'm sure you have already checked out the links for Max Pins and Jack Reed. Those are the two characters I have used for the majority of my 'career'.   


            My characters were never really considered 'the best of the best'. Max Pins, I always used as comic relief, someone to take the seriousness out of my life. I only won one title with him back in the day.  Jack Reed was the character I spent most of my time with. He was also my most succesful one as well. I had many epic matches with him and many quality RP battles as well.    


            A few of Jack Reed's best battles were against the likes of (In no particular order) Haywood Jublome, Jon Storm (Collins), Erik Nuff (E-Nuff), and Prodigy. There were obviously many others but those were the few who really stood out and really impressed me with their writing. There are, many others, as well but the ones who were left out were ones I never personally did battle with. So, I hope there is no disrespect, because none was meant.   


            Outside of E-fedding....   


            I love the sport of Bowling. (Though I have quit) I have bowling a perfect 300, as well as a 299 and a 298. I almost bowled an 800 set as my high set is 791. I also teach bowling as well on the side. I enjoy Pin Pong, Pool, Darts, Reading, Meditation, and Starcraft 2 (which is my new love). Oh, and I can't forget the most important thing....I have an infatuation with Redheads. I absolutely love redheads. I also enjoy horror flicks, Madden 2005, Disgaea, Final Fantasy, Tiger Woods 09, and the classic Nintendo and Super NES. Rockstars Ping Pong on Xbox360 is also an amazing game. That about covers me...There's a lot more to me, as with everyone, but it really doesn't need to be said. It's all pointless information that will be forgotten anyways :-)