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Max Pins:





Nickname: The Perfect Game

Background: Failed Pro Bowler turned Wrestler.

Alignment: Heel



Theme Music: Comes out to sounds of bowling balls hitting the lanes. Then that of pins being knocked down. If the fed has a jumbotron it is accompanied by a video of bowling balls crashing onto the lanes and crushing strikes. There is no actual theme music.



Wrestling Style: Think Goldust'ish. Full of trickery and unorthadox manuevers.



Set up move for finisher: 'The Perfect Game' - With opponent sitting on top turnbuckle Max climbs up in front of his opponent and with a closed fist hits his opponent in the face 12 times in a row. The ref normally will scold Max because anything after 10 is illegal.



Finisher: 'The 7-10 Split' - Much like Goldusts finisher, where opponent is on the second turnbuckle sitting, Max spreads his legs outwards and tucks them behind the ropes. Then he steps back, take 4 bowling steps towards his opponent and delivers an uppercut to the...gentle area of a man.



Standard moveset: Eye doinks, Hulk Hogan Back Scratches, Eye burns across the ropes, Delayed verticle suplex, Drop toe holds, Mule kicks, Inside cradle, Slingshot into turnbuckle and any move that is super boring (think Buff Bagwell when he came into the WWF/WWE for a brief stint)



Titles: EWA European Championship