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Jack Reed  

Height: 6'0

Weight: 204lbs.

Theme Song: "The Becoming" by NIN / Old theme was "Dissention" by Orgy

Manager: Dr. Lander


( more to come...)


Standard Moves: Japanese arm drag, mudhole stomps, jawbreaker, Dragon Suplex, Reverse DDT into a shortend Backbreaker,  Knee breaker, Ti;


Finisher: Personallity Flip - Flipping piledriver




Total Win/Loss ratio:



Individual Fed Win/Loss:


            EWA: 24-15-7   

            NWW: 15-3-0   

            CWA: 13-6-0

            Old School Classic: 3-1-0   

            SHOOT Project: (has signed contract, no matches as of yet)

            HIW: 6-0-0

            PWA: 2-0-0

            ICW: 3-0-0

            AWT: 3-0-0

            Best of the Best 1: 3-1-0

            Best of the Best 2: 4-1-0 (Runner up in Singles Tourny)

            Best of the Best 3: 2-1-0

            MTTT1: 6-1-0 (Runners up w/ Jack Daniels in Tag Tourny)   

            WCWF: 1-0-0   

            BSPW: 0-1-0   


Title History / Awards:


            NWW: World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, & Tag Team Champion   

                    (held all three titles at the same time)   


            EWA: Intercontinental Champion and Television Champion   


            CWA: Nevada State Title   


            HIW: North American Title   


            Best of the Best 2: Runner Up   


            MTTT1: Runner up   


            EWA Mini-Battle Royal: Winner   


            EWA Slammy Award: Best Stable for (The PHC, Prodigy Hate Club)